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The role of communication in an organization is very important because it will help establish a good relationship and good coordination between fellow members in achieving the goals of the organization, besides that organizational communication will have an impact on increasing the work motivation of the members of the organization. This research aims to determine the role of oranization communication for the leader of UKM Badminton Club Ubhara Surabaya. The conclusions obtained from this study are: 1) In general, the role of organizational communication in increasing motivation and dealing with the problem of soving members of badminton ubhara SMEs is still quite lacking or too oprimal, this is because the management has not been able to explain and approach communication organizationally, both vertically and horizontally. 2) The management of ubhara badminton smes has not been very oprimal in carrying out the duties and functions of the organization professionally, this is shown in the problems that have not been able to manage and manage the organization and its time properly. 3) In an effort to increase the motivation of the concept work, the content of the message conveyed by the board to members, has not been clearly conveyed, especially with regard to the duties and responsibilities and job descriptions of each member. 4) The form of communication used in an effort to increase work motivation in ubhara badminton SMEs, is still more dominant in group approaches, while the interpersonal communication approach is still lacking, with reason, shame, and unpleasant because of fellow college friends. 5) The intensity of communication meetings between the chairman and members is very less related to the coordination of tasks, while the intensity of member meetings with fellow members of the student press is quite high, but rarely discusses the organization, more about college friendship relationships alone. 6) The use of communication channels / media has not been very optimal in increasing the work motivation of members of the press acat diurnal, because only more use of telephone and whats up communication media, while other media such as email, official correspondence have not been optimized. 7) The credibility of the Management is seen in human resources, the ability to communicate is quite good, because most of them are students majoring in communication science with journalistic and public relations majoring, but judging from the ability to professionally manage organizational management is not very good